Natural substrate for animals. Wooden bedding Megi ECO-PELLETS is dedicated to fur-bearing pets which, due to their nature, require suitable zoological-hygienic conditions. The product is completely natural and it does not contain chemicals.

Composition: natural softwood.
Usage: Pour two inches of the Megi ECO-PELLETS substrate into a sandbox, depending on the type and size of the animal. Remove solid refuse regularly, filling up with fresh substrate. Occasionally replace the whole bedding.

We recommend:
When changing over from the old bedding to Megi ECO-PELLETS, we recommend to sift a small amount of the old bedding onto the new one to let the animal get used to the new material.

Capacity: 5 l

The main features of the product:
– 100% natural
– environment friendly
– compostable
– very absorptive
– neutralizes unpleasant odors.