This Privacy Policy specifies the principles of processing and protection of personal data provided by the Users in relation to use of the website MEGAN.COM.PL and electronic mail sent into the e-mail addresses in the domain @MEGAN.COM.PL



For the needs of better understanding of the Privacy Policy the term ‘User’ was partly substituted by the term ‘You’ and ‘Administrator’ – ‘We’. The term ‘GDPR’ means the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and on repealing the directive 95/35/EC. The term ‘PUODO’ means the President of the Personal Data Protection Authority

  • 1 Who is responsible for processing of your data?

The administrator of your data is the company MEGAN spółka cywilna with its seat in Kraków at ul. Chałupnika 14 entered into the Central Registration and Information on Business under the number, Tax Identification Number NIP: 9452014821, Polish National Business Registry Number REGON: 35685023

The data protection is conducted in compliance with the requirements of the generally applicable regulations of law and storage thereof is held on protected servers.

  • 2 What kind of data is processed by MEGAN.COM.PL?

If you are using a contact form from our website, we are processing your data such as: first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number and IP address.

In the event of placing an order by electronic means, we process only the data indispensable for execution of the service (invoice).

Visiting the website MEGAN.COM.PL, we collect your data through cookie files and server logs, where the website is stored. We contained full data regarding cookie files applied in the ninth paragraph ‘Cookies policy’ to be found beneath in this document.

  • 3 What is the purpose of processing of your data?

We process data sent via our contact form and sent directly into our e-mail address for the purpose of:

  • performance of sales service,
  • reply to enquiries for quotations;

Data received via cookie files are used in order to monitor and verify in what manner the users use the website MEGAN.COM.PL (detailed information shall be found in the section §9 ‘Cookies policy’).

Data obtained through server logs is not associated with specific persons using the page MEGAN.COM.PL and is not used by the Administrator for the purpose of identification of the User. It constitutes only supplementary material applied for administering the Webpage and the content thereof is not revealed to nobody except for the persons authorized to administer the server.

  • 4 What is the basis of processing of personal data?
  1. Execution of sales contract – the legal basis for processing of collected personal data of the User is execution of the sales contract. In this respect the User may voluntarily provide the data necessary to execution of the contract (Data indispensable to issue a sales confirmation an invoice/a receipt and data necessary to proper shipment of the goods purchased).

In the event of failure to provide the data, the execution of the sales contract is not possible.

  1. Consent – the legal basis of processing of personal data of the User shall constitute the consent of the interested party, the data thereof is concerned,
  2. Necessity of data processing in order to meet the legal obligation of the Administrator,
  3. Necessity of data processing for the purposes arising from the reasoned interests performed by the Administrator.
  • 5 Who may access your personal data?

Your personal data is available only to the parties related to the Administrator, such as:

  • companies providing accounting services,
  • companies providing IT services,
  • provider of hosting services necessary to operating of the internet shop and electronic mail in the domain MEGAN.COM.PL
  • advertisement agency providing services for MEGAN.COM.PL
  • 6 How long do we store your data?

MEGAN.COM.PL shall store your personal data only within the term necessary to meet the generally applicable regulations of law. It means that we may store your personal data for reasoned period even if you stop using the services of MEGAN.COM.PL, in particular it concerns data necessary to meet the obligations of our company before the public administration bodies (among others the Tax Administration).

  • 7 Safety policy, that is how we protect your data:
  1. We respect your right to privacy and we take care of the data safety. For this purpose, we use for communication via e-mail, as well as the communication via contact form on our webpage MEGAN.COM.PL among others safe protocol of communication encryption (SSL).
  2. Personal data provided in the form on our website, as well as in e-mail correspondence sent into the company addresses in the domain @MEGAN.COM.PL is treated as confidential and is not visible for unauthorized persons.
  3. The computers where your electronic correspondence arrives and where your data is stored has a number of various safety measures in the following forms:
  1. devices remain in the closed rooms available only for the persons authorized to process the data
  2. we use difficult passwords changed periodically and system of user accounts of various access levels
  3. we use licensing, continuously updated anti-virus software and firewalls
  4. we use licensing, continuously updated operation systems
  5. for service of electronic mail, we use safe, continuously updated software
  6. computer monitors are arranged in order to prevent unauthorized persons from looking at the screen – so called policy of clean screen
  7. the computers have programmed screen savers and automatic blockade upon 5 minutes of inactivity
  1. Personal data is processed by persons exclusively authorized by us or the processor with whom we strictly cooperate
  2. All the persons in the company Megan spółka cywilna were trained within the scope of the personal data protection

The company Megan spółka cywilna declares that it implemented all necessary technical and organization measures in order to guarantee safety and integrity of personal data being processed, as well as to prevent from loss, modification and/or access by unauthorized persons thereof.

  • 8 What are your rights related to personal data?

Each person being subject of the data (if we are its administrator) has right to:

  • access their data,
  • correct their data,
  • remove or restrict processing of their data,
  • object to processing of their data,
  • file a complaint to the supervision authority (PUODO).

Contact with the person supervising processing of personal data in the company Megan spółka cywilna is possible via electronic mail at the email address:

For the purpose of modification or requesting removal of the data we are kindly requesting that you specify your request precisely and what is the desired way of modification of data (e.g. modification of personal data, complete removal of personal data from the data base).

We reserve the right to process your data upon termination of the Contract or withdrawal of the consent only within the scope necessary to pursue possible claims before courts or if the national, European or international regulations make us subject to data retention.

Removal of personal data may take place as a result of withdrawal of consent or filing legally admissible objection to processing of personal data.

  • 9 Cookies policy

The website MEGAN.COM.PL uses the cookie files. The cookie files are text files sent via the web server and stored by the browser computer software. When the web browser reconnects with the website, the website recognizes the type of device used by the user for his or her connection. The website parameters allow only the web server to read the stored data obtained through the server. Hence the cookie files simplify using the websites visited before.

The stored data concerns:

–    IP address,

–    type of the used web browser,

–    language,

–    type of the operating system,

–    internet services provider,

–    information about date and time,

–    localization and data sent to the website via the contact form.


Data received via cookie files is used in order to monitor and verify in what manner the Users use our websites for the purpose of upgrading the performance of the service and to provide more effective navigation devoid of problems.


We monitor the personal data of the users via Google Analytics which registers the User’s behavior on the website. The cookie files identify the user and allow to match the content of the used website to his or her needs. They save the User’s preferences and allow to match adequately the online advertising targeted at the User. We use the cookie files in order to guarantee the highest standard of convenience of our service and the collected data is used only within the company MEGAN spółka cywilna with the aim of optimizing the performance.


Our website uses the following types of cookie files:

  1. “indispensable” – the cookie files which allow to use the services available on the website, e.g. certifying the cookie files used for providing the services involving the certification within the website;
  2. “safety” – the cookie files used for providing the safety, e.g. used for detection of abuses within the scope of the website’s certification;
  3. “related to efficiency” – the cookie files which allow to collect information about the manner in which the Users use the website;
  4. “functional” – the cookie files which allow to ‘save’ the settings selected by the user and to personalize the user’s interface, e.g. within the scope of the selected language or the user’s country of origin, the font size, the website’s appearance etc.;
  5. “advertising” – the cookie files which allow to provide the users with the advertising content customized to their interests.

The User has right to disable or to restore the option of collecting cookie files at any time by changing the settings of the web browser.  The manual regarding the managing of cookie files is available on the website:


Additional personal details such as the e-mail address is only collected, if the user gives his or her express consent while filling up a form. We only store and use the above data when it is necessary to perform a specific function, e.g. to reply to enquiries for quotations.